Slip Again (Acoustic) EP

by Wake Up Joel

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released July 13, 2016


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Track Name: Slip Again (Acoustic)
This is the danger
This is the fear
Everything you said rambles in my head
I'm trying to catch my breath
I'll try not to lose my head

This is a poison
I am ashamed in excess
Fucked up and toothless with a mind to indulge
Pray that I stay in this skin
Pray that I don't slip again

You were a lighthouse
You were control
I was a danger digging a hole
You were a lighthouse

There are plenty of reasons
They're just not making sense
I had some understanding, just forgot what it was
I'm trying to keep my shit straight, I'm trying to find some faith

When I think of how long it took
and how something so small could rattle me sideways,
it leaves me in awe
I'm alive but I feel no grace
I'm clean but there's so much pain
Beat up and useless, defeated, too tired to dissolve

You were a lighthouse
You were control
I was the danger digging a hole
You were a lighthouse
Track Name: Praise Me
I will let you down as I pretend to care
Now you're inclined so lie
Worry not, it's fair

Said you're gonna drive, yeah you're gonna drive me crazy
I can't stay in all night
Unless you wanna lie,
unless you wanna lie there and praise me,
I need to feel my muscles moving, gotta get some air

It's a waste of my time when I take it outside, no question
It's a look in the eye, I'm shaking, I'm fried, still I play dumb
Why do I hide when everybody knows my weakness?
Because I'm scared of all the damage done
I'm shaking because I know what's bound to come

I don't even know which way to go

Losing my head, stuck staring in the wrong direction
I can't even touch the ground
The weight of your love when I can't even lift a finger is only going to bring you down

This is how I'll drive, yeah I'm gonna drive you really crazy
I can't even stay one night
She'll always wonder why I didn't even try to save her
I'll never have an answer for her, it withered when I lost my way
but mother says I'll find it if I pray

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